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“I am pleased that I took up your offer of the on-line tutorial package. It is really well put together and I have learnt lots more about trading. It has been great revision and given me more information that I hadn’t absorbed in the workshops”

- Julie, Newcastle

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At the Sharemarket College, we’re passionate about sharing our know how with you, so you can make your assets work harder for you. Successful share trading is all about you – your skills, your attitude, your know how and your ability to spot opportunities.

We’re educators. Our goal is to empower you with the practical sharemarket education, knowledge and skills to make your own decisions. We enable you to take control of your money and put your trading plans into action, no matter what stage of life you’re at. Once we’ve empowered you with the knowledge and skills you need to trade on the sharemarket, we’ll be there to support you for the long term, helping you learn and grow for life.

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At the Share Market College we are Committed to providing the best service for our Students. Our Motto is to give you “The Power of Know How!”

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